Medication Card Frequently Asked Question And Answers

How does this Medication Card work?

Prescription discount cards are like "reusable prescription drug coupons", allowing consumers access to lower drug prices when filling/re-filling prescriptions. Simply present this medication savings card to the pharmacist to see if a discount is available on the prescription you're filling. Remember, the Medication Card is free, pre-activated, no paper work, no deductibles, never expires, and everyone qualifies. This program covers your entire household including your pets too!

Who can use Medication Card?

Everyone, with or without insurance, should keep a Medication Card on hand. If you're under or un-insured, have a high co-pay or deductible, a lapse in coverage, or utilize a Health Savings Account (HSA), the card can provide added discounts that you may not otherwise get. If you have insurance, the card may provide discounts prescriptions not covered by your plan, on other family member's prescriptions, or medications for your pets when purchased from the pharmacy.

How much do I save with Medication Card?

The Medication Card provides a discount of up to 80%* at more than 35,000 participate pharmacies, depending on the drug you're getting. Your card provides discounts on both brand-name and generic drugs. The easiest way to find out how much your Medication Card saves you is to take your card into your pharmacy and ask for your discounted price, before getting your prescription filled. The card does not offer discount on the already "discounted drugs" list found in some stores, or when the stores regular price is lower than the discount card price.
* Prescription savings vary by prescription and by pharmacy, and may reach up to 80% off of the cash price.

Can I get bulk cards to hand out?

With nearly 50 million uninsured Americans paying full price on their healthcare costs, we encourage Doctors, Dentists, Church, Associations or Charity Organizations to provide their members with free access to our discount prescription drug card. Please Contact Us. Does this card really help me save on my pet's medications? Yes. Many prescriptions that pets take can be filled at a regular pharmacy and are eligible for discounts with the Medication Card. Please share a Medication Card with your veterinarian, groomer, or kennel so they can pass the information on to their patients and customers.

How do I know how much my medication will cost?

You will need to give your pharmacist your card and prescription so it can be entered into the computer at the pharmacy to tell you the cost of the medication since they change regularly. The participating pharmacy will give you their lowest (or best) price available at their pharmacy, whether it's the discount card price, or the in-store pharmacy price. If a brand name or generic drug is available through your participating pharmacy at a lower price than the scheduled price, you will pay only the lower of the two prices.

Do prices vary among participating pharmacies?

Industry standards determine the discounted rate for prescription medications. This means in most instances, all participating pharmacies will offer the same low price. These rates are updated at least once a week, so prices may vary depending on when you go to the pharmacy. From time-to-time, pharmacies may offer special sale prices for a limited time on selected drugs. These sale prices may be lower than the scheduled discount rates, in which case the card holder will pay only the lower sales price. We always encourage comparison shopping.

Why don't all pharmacies accept the card?

All chain pharmacies and most independent pharmacies have been given equal opportunity to serve you via this program. Since the pharmacies are the ones that both give you the discount and pay a small marketing fee to the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company, that's arranged the discount, some smaller pharmacies may choose to not honor the card. You can use our card with confidence at all major pharmacies, and most regional pharmacies, who routinely accept our card as a way to both provide a service to their customers, and generate the additional business that the cards provide to their pharmacies.

If I have insurance, how can this Drug Card benefit me?

If anyone is under insurance, having the card may still be beneficial since there are insurance policies which limit drug discounts to only a specific set of prescriptions. Many other insurance policies have also been marked with high deductibles. In both cases, medication savings cards can be used independently of insurance coverage and its limitations

Why do pharmacies offer these discounts?

Pharmacies count on prescription discount cards to bring people into their stores that may otherwise not get a prescription filled, for financial reasons. They know that once a customer is in the store, they invariably end up picking up other items, while they're waiting to get their prescription filled. Prescription discount cards offer positive benefits for everyone - the cardholder, the store, and even the extended business community, that stands a chance to get some of the savings, after the customer leaves the store.